EMC World 2012

This is my second EMC World, my employer’s annual, global conference, which includes a partner summit, Momentum 2012, a midmarket CIO event, AND a Data Science Summit! 13,000 delegates are expected.

This year will see the most “social” EMC World yet!! I’m there to support the social media activities that me corporate colleagues have expertly planned and prepared. I’ll be tweeting a lot throughout the event, so do watch my tweets @suzyspaatz.

Social Media at EMC World?

− Internal social activation. At EMC, we create “Social Media Activation Kits” for every big event, launch or campaign. These enable us to capture all the tweets, hashtags, influencers, blogs, etc to promote. This year, we have 8 of these kits for EMC World.  Particularly, they will help up provide a consistent message globally around our product launches during EMC World. 

- Blogger relations: EMC World’s Blogger’s Lounge is (in)famous. We make the best Heck, we got the best caffeine anywhere on the Vegas coffee at the show. Well..  

The Blogger’s Lounge is bigger than ever and is a great place for all bloggers to chill, write and chat. Also, SiliconAngle’s TheCube will be in filming nonstop live webcasts with industry experts and EMC thought-leaders.


- Buzz Talks!!Modeled on the Ted Talks, we are hosting over own over 40 of these Buzz Talks in the main hall near the show floor.  These, live interactive webcasts during EMC World will be streamed via our EMC Community Network (ECN) with live Q&A. You can view these“Buzz Talks” , which will feature customers, EMC thought-leaders and execs,  via live video and chat Q&As. 


- EMC World Social Command Center. 

Most IT trade shows these days have “social command centers”. We’re going all out! Not only will be have the usual live tweets on screens. We’ll have plasmas AND a jumbtron showing  LIVE visualizations of Big Data that we’re generating onsite and analysis of real-time social content.  Photos in my next blog post!


- Getting our delegates socially active:

Delegates, check out our RAMP program. EMC is the first to launch a gamification program at a major industry event. EMC is the first to integrate in-person badge scans. EMC is the first to launch a community-based gamification program rewarding existing community members with legacy point data. Oh, and we don’t actually call it gamification  And EMC World is just the beginning.


- Social apps:

Social conversations are embedded into the official EMC World and EMC Folio apps as well. Twitter, Twitpolls, YouTube, etc. 


- The #vPass

I’m based in Europe and many of my colleagues, our customers and partners can’t make it to EMC World in Las Vegas. For the first time ever, we are streaming all the keynotes live. See the EMC Community Network for more.




More to come. Thanks to my social media colleagues at EMC corporate for pioneering all this. I’m so looking forward to supporting the social immersion at the event.


(Thanks to Keith for summarizing the activities and shame on me for plagiarising his blog post a bit..)

21 May 2012 ·

The Big Switchover to Facebook Timeline for Brands

Today, March 30, Facebook will switch over your brand pages to the new Timeline design. Timeline presents a great opportunity for companies to share more visual content, to reveal more about the people and story behind your brand.

This infographic captures the important changes, as well as suggestions you can action now.

The Guide to Facebook Timeline for Businesses Infographic by Marketo

30 March 2012 ·

EMC Social Media Experiment at VMware PEX event

I love this!! My colleague, social media maven and vSpecialist extraordinaire, Dave Henry, did this fun “Tweet-bomb-as-a-service” experiment at the VMware PEX partner event this week in Las Vegas, while at the EMC stand.

At most big conferences, especially in the IT industry, you now have Tweet Walls displaying live commentary from delegates. Most people post pictures, comments on what they have seen or heard. This was a friendly experiment to see, how many people and how much time it would take to flood the screen with the same tweet.

Essentially, this is a Tweet Wall FLASH MOB! :)

Enlisting a small number of my closest EMC friends, Dave organized people to send the same exact tweet at the same exact time, Wednesday 15 February, 15:15 PST.

At the appointed time, Dave was waiting by the Solutions Exchange video tower, ready to record the event.   You can see what happened in the video.

Read Dave’s (@davehenry) full blog post for some background here:



17 February 2012 ·

2012 - The Year of the Social Business

Day 2 of Social Media Week. (#SMW12) and I’m participating in the London event (#SMWldn).

Two PR agencies ran events on Social Business and Social Enterprise today. These aren’t just any PR agencies. They are some of the biggest around. 

I attended Edelman’s “Social Business in Action” in London this morning. There were quite a few people I know there, but the majority of the audience were agencies. 

 I’ve also watched Ogilvy’s keynote on “Socialising the enterprise”. 

The main message I took from both is:

Social experimentation is dead - 2012 is the year of the social business 

According to David Armano (@armano): Social Business is  about connecting stakeholders who are critical to the success of a business. It’s about executing initiatives leveraging the “3 P’s”—People, Process & Platforms.

There are 3 key areas to transform into a social business:

1.       People (and organizational culture): The social employee, the social customer and social partners are the stakeholders you need to connect. Fundamentally, though it starts with the social employee and changing the company culture to embed social engagement throughout. Training is key, which is why I’m running the “5 steps” course.

2.       Process: To me, this means a social business needs to link social engagement to business outcomes. This means, building an infrastructure to manage social proliferation, share consistent messages across a company’s social channels, but also linking social data back to your CRM and leads.

3.       Platforms: I assume this would be the social monitoring and response platforms, as well as the social channels companies use for social engagement (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). After understanding who your target audiences are, you need to engage them where they prefer to interact and subsequently monitor activity.

Here is David describing social business:

I think, this is very true. I’m seeing the same trend in the IT sector. We at EMC, but also VMware, SAP and of course IBM, Cisco and Dell are making investments:

- in training employees in marketing, HR, pre-sales, sales, etc

- in providing processes to send consistent messages out to target audiences (such as social media activation kits at EMC)

-  to analyze social data, Big Data essentially, to make business decision and predict customer behavior!

More thoughts tomorrow.

14 February 2012 ·

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